MISTRAL PRODUCTIONS is also a team of professionals ‘connected’, specialists in so-called second screen devices, allowing Internet users and viewers to participate even behind their screen in our major entertainment programs.

The era of the “social TV”, and in a desire for innovation and interaction with the public, we want to offer our viewers during the running of our live shows, a live animation and simple and fun quizzes available on web sites and dedicated apps.



Through a complete digital device and the in mechanics even networks of the program,

Through Thanks to a global digital plan and integration of social Medias inside the show itself, we offer our viewers a new interactive experience in order to be at the heart of all digital talks.


By studying the target audience, MISTRAL PRODUCTIONS proposes to lean its concepts with a unique digital experience adapted to digital uses of its targets. To make a difference we add to the “tele-conso-actor” the notion of star-user, for the second program to valorize the user as well as the program that he is promoting. Thanks to a strategic planning allowing to get the best of second screen experience in the world, and drawing on the strengths of our formats, we propose three strategic lines of operation:

  • Lived interactivity which gives the audience the possibility to influence the live show
  • Dedicated content and interactive live animation happens thanks to the collaboration of a star of the web: Gonzague
  • Community management strategy on Twitter and on Facebook


A task force, familiar with digital operations masters different narrative formats related to the declination of a TV show on the second screen and social networking.

It ensures the consistency of the messages for the live show.

On second screens, at the address dedicated to the program, and throughout the show, viewers can follow the backstage of the program in streaming and can challenge live the hosts and contestants of the show. Our innovative goal is to federate all audiences and all generations but also to share a unique digital experience for the French and international audience!


On the occasion of the great return of INTERVILLES in 2013 on France 2, live and in prime time, MISTRAL PRODUCTIONS launched VACHETTE.TV, a new device on second screen powered by a star of the Web, Gonzague!

Participate, discover, have fun, laugh and influence were the winning promises of this digital event, thanks especially to the game TOP A LA VACHETTE!

Our record: N ° 1 on Facebook / N ° 1 on TWITTER world