MISTRAL PRODUCTIONS is a subsidiary of MISTRAL GROUPE an independent television production group, created in 1995 by Yves Launoy (right arm of Guy Lux during more than 10 years on the shows Intervilles, Interneige and Intercontinental) and Olivier Charpentier (graduated from the Tours Business School, Area Export Manager of the Export department of the French National Lottery and then for France 98 football World Cup).

In 1998, Mistral got the exclusive worldwide license of the format INTERVILLES (aka THE BIGGEST GAME SHOW IN THE WORLD or IT’S A KNOCKOUT) from Guy Lux and Claude Savarit.

Since that time, Mistral has been exporting INTERVILLES worldwide.

Many countries has since developed this super-popular concept: China, which has already produced more than 120 emissions since 1998, Vietnam, Germany, United Kingdom, Morocco, Belgium, South Africa, Belarus, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Thailand, Russia, Greece, Spain, Armenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Ukraine, Turkey, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Australia, Philippines, etc…

Two consecutive years in 2007 and 2008, INTERVILLES South Africa (Crazy Games) has received the equivalent of the Emmy awards for the best entertainment show.

Since 2008, Intercities is number 1 on CCTV1 in China with more than 180 million viewers to each broadcast which makes of INTERVILLES the most watched TV game show in the world!

Taking advantage of the success of INTERVILLES abroad, Mistral Productions has developed, since 2005, international series in which the cities of 4 to 8 different countries compete together in 13 show series.

Today THE BIGGEST GAME SHOW IN THE WORLD is number 1 in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Thanks to a team of a dozen of collaborators and lots of free lances motivated and involved for a long time in different projects, Mistral Productions offers an unparalleled response capacity in the audiovisual production sector.

Mistral is thus not only capable to move during summer from city to city weekly 22 semitrailers of the INTERVILLES’ tour, but also to be ready for an Intervilles shooting abroad within a few weeks.

Since 2004, Mistral Productions has also developed many events based on the theme of INTERVILLES for companies and has diversified in producing various magazines and documentaries for many French channels.

Today the “made in France” adventure managed by MISTRAL PRODUCTIONS, is accounting for hundreds of specials live shows in France and local version developed throughout the world for nearly 30 countries.

INTERCITY is therefore the most exported and broadcasted French TV games show format in the world.

Olivier Charpentier is the President of MISTRAL PRODUCTIONS since 2014, and Sébastien Ménard, is the General Manager (former ministerial adviser, former senior civil servant, a graduated from of the IFP, from the CEHDS – and former auditor of the ENA).

Both of them are partners of MISTRAL GROUPE.


Olivier Charpentier

Olivier Charpentier

President co-founder and Partner

Sébastien Ménard

Sébastien Ménard

General Manager and Partner

Yannick Touarin

Yannick Touarin

Head of International Productions and Partner

Yves Launoy

Yves Launoy

Founder of Mistral Productions